Uniondale, IN Train Boiler Explosion, June 1917


(By United Press.)
Fort Wayne, Ind., June 11. -- Two men are dead and another is dying as the result of a boiler explosion of the engine of an Erie freight train near Uniondale, Ind., early today.
The rain was running thirty-five miles an hour. The boiler exploded with a roar that could be heard for many miles. Eight cars were derailed and the wreckage strewn for hundreds of feet. An investigation is being made to determine who was at fault.
The dead are:
WILLIAM WAGNER, 35, Huntington, Ind.
R. S. MARTER, 31, brakeman, Huntington.
The injured:
J. O. WILSON, fireman, 36, body crushed and burned.

The Lake Country Times Hammond Indiana 1917-06-11