Aurora, IN Flood, Feb 1882

On Tuesday morning the weather was quite cold and snow fell in fitful gusts, yet the rise continued slowly but surely. The water flooded Main Street from the bridge half way to Second Street, and from the foot of Second Street to Chambers & Stevens’ corner. The people living on these streets were forced to move into the upper stories of their houses. On third Street the water came half way up to Main, on Fourth Street nearly to Judiciary, while it reached Peter Koehler’s corner at the foot of Fifth Street, shutting off communication, except by boats to "Texas." In the afternoon the rise was about half an inch per hour. The floor of the Main Street bridge was covered before 5 o’clock, and the water worked up in the gutter opposite Riddell’s drug store, and up on Main to McClellan’s blacksmith shop. At 8 o’clock Tuesday evening the river came to a stand, the Big Miami having subsided, and between 11 and 12 o’clock it began to recede, falling by morning about eleven inches, which was a great relief to everybody.—Independent, February 23, 1882.

History of Dearborn and Ohio Counties, Indiana, 1885, Page 321