Clinton, IN Hazel Creek Mine No. 2 Accident, Nov 1896


Miner Fatally Crushed In the Hazel Creek Mine Near Clinton.

CLINTON, Ind., Nov. 9. – Ex-Justice of the Peace F.W. Hamilton, a coal miner employed at Hazel Creek mine No. 2, was crushed and perhaps fatally injured by being caught beneath a descending cage at the bottom of the shaft late Saturday. Hamilton was at the cross entries at the bottom of the shaft and started for another part of the mine. He attempted to cross over the bottom of the main shaft, and was about half way across when he was caught be a cage descending at a rapid rate.

He was crushed to the ground, and a small depression at the landing is all that prevented him from being crushed to a pulp. He fell into this hole, where he remained with part of the cage mashing him until men came to his rescue and the cage was hoisted. He was taken to his home and Dr. Nebeker found him seriously bruised about the head, face, shoulders and hips. It is believed he sustained fatal internal injuries. Mr. Hamilton is a prominent Democratic politician, and was a county leader in the campaign just closed.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 9 Nov 1896