Saline City, IN Wilson Sawmill Explosion, Jun 1873

The boiler at the Wilson saw-mill, a mile and a half south of Saline City, near the Evansville & Indianapolis Railroad, exploded at 5 o'clock p. m., Saturday, June 28, 1873. Of the victims of this explosion, Robert Wilson, proprietor, and John Campbell, head-sawyer, were instantly killed, an employe named Crooks sustaining a broken leg, with contusions of the head and shoulder, another, named Combs, badly scalded. The cause of the disaster, as reported at the time, was 120 pounds of steam. Wilson was a son of Ralph Wilson, brother of H. C. Wilson, ex-trustee of Sugar Ridge township, whose body was taken to Terre Haute for burial. Campbell, who resided at Ashboro, was a brother of Stukely Campbell, whose remains were interred on the old Sloan place, near Bowling Green. As an aftermath of this double fatality, The Archives, published at Bowling Green, in the issue of July 3 said: "The hat worn by Robert Wilson at the time of the explosion, which was a new and good one, is now on exhibition at Boothe's drug-store. It looks as though it had been cut with a knife, riddled by a volley of bullets, then chewed, and dragged about in the dirt and saw-dust. It is painfully suggestive of the sad and deadly disaster of last Saturday."

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