Chicago, IL Norton Bros. Factory Fire, Feb 1894

$600,000 Fire In Chicago.

Hundreds Will Be Deprived of Work by the Burning of Norton Brothers’ Factory.

Chicago, Feb. 20.-The large tin-can and japanned-ware factory of Norton Brothers, occupying half of the triangular block facing on Dock and Water Streets, and abutting the river, was destroyed by fire last night. It started at 11:30 o’clock, but it was three hours before the flames were under control. Buildings on the other side of Water Street and Wabash Avenue were menaced by a high wind, which started at 1 o’clock, but persistent work by the firemen prevented the spread of the flames outside of the four walls of the Norton establishment. It took twenty-three engines and two fireboats to conquer the fire.

The direct monetary damage is $600,000, but as 600 men and women are deprived of work by the fire, the loss is much greater than told by these figures.

A five story building occupied by the Kingsford Oswego Starch Company, adjoining Norton Brothers’ building on the east, caught fire in several places, and the interior was flooded with water. The loss to the Kingsford Company is considerable. A member of the firm of Norton Brothers said the loss to the company would be $500,000. This includes the contents only, as the company does not own the building. He said the loss was covered by insurance, placed by a large number of companies. The Norton Company makes exclusively tin cans for the canning trade.

The New York Times, New York, NY 21 Feb 1894