Decatur, IL Scaffold Accident, Jun 1901


Joshua Collier Meets With a Painful Accident at Conklin Building.


About a quarter to 8 o’clock Friday afternoon Joshua Collier fell 40 feet from a scaffold on the third floor of the Conklin building to the brick arch which will support the sidewalk. His right arm was broken at the wrist and the elbow joint completely lacerated. The bend of the ulna was torn from its socket and forced through the skin at the elbow.

His back was wrenched and he may have suffered serious internal injuries. He was working on a scaffold which projected from a big window on the third floor on the east side of the building. The scaffold was supported by upright (illegible) which extend on the temporary floring [sic]. One of the floor boards gave way and the support dropped through causing the scaffold to suddenly tilt to the north. Mr. Collier, who was working on the north end of the scaffold, lost his balance and fell. He stuck heavily on his right side. Several persons ran to his assistance and he was assisted to a doctor’s office, and, after his arm was dressed, he was taken to his home, 1149 North College street. He was resting easily last night.

Decatur Herald, Decatur IL 4 Jun 1901