Modesto, IL Tornado, May 1917

Modesto, IL Tornado, photo from familyoldphotos.com

One Killed; Score Hurt at Modesto

Modesto, Ill., May 27.--One person was killed and twenty injured, two perhaps fatally, when a tornado from the south struck Modesto late Saturday afternoon, laying waste to about half the town. The body of Mrs. Sarah Poe was found fifty yard from her home. Mrs Bertha Poe, her daughter, and Martin L. McGinnis received injuries which may prove fatal. The property loss is estimated at $150,000.

Others injured were Mrs. Martin L. McGinnis, Albert Meiher, Clyde Meiher, Mrs. Edward Allen, Mrs. Orin Martin, Frank Dalton, Benjamin Padgett, Mrs Benjamin Padgett, Jesse Padget and five children of Frank Dalton.

With the storm came large quantities of mud which had been picked up in the fields to the south of the town, which, when the storm had passed, was plastered over the building of Modesto.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 27 May 1917



Pleasure to run across another article. Glad you shared it. As a committee member of the 100th Commemorative event June 1& 2, we will use this picture and article. Modesto has survived!

I was amazed to find info on

I was amazed to find info on the tornado in modesto il of 1917 thanks for the info.