Chicago, IL Swift & Co Fatal Fire, Feb 1899

Fatal Fire In Chicago.
One Fireman Killed and Others Injured in the Packing House District-Another Fire.

Chicago, Feb 23.-During a fire which for two hours to-day threatened to annihilate the entire packing house district of the stock yards, one fireman was killed and three others severely injured, one so seriously that it is believed he will die. An employee of Swift & Co. was also struck by falling bricks and severely injured. The blaze destroyed Swift & Co.’s warehouse No. 7, directly in the centre of the packing house district, and several of the adjoining structures were slightly damaged. The loss is estimated at $200,000.

PATRICK F. O’NEIL, pipe man, was the name of the fireman who was killed. The injured are Lieut. Bernard McDonough, condition critical; Matthew Gaule, Lieut. Frank Walter, and E. Pauleen, timekeeper for Swift & Co.

Both building and contents were fully covered by insurance. The building, which was eight stories high, was a new structure and was stored with hams and bacon.

Fire to-day also destroyed the Lind Building, 28 to 32 Market Street, one of the few buildings which stood intact through the great fire of 1871 and through several smaller fires which threatened to destroy it since that time.

The building which was a seven-story structure, was occupied by a large number of firms, the majority of them being machinists, printers, and engravers. The total loss is estimated at $225,000. Of this amount $75,000 is on the building. Two firemen were injured, while many others had narrow escapes from the falling floors.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Feb 1899