Chicago, IL Drowning Rescue, May 1896


Fisherman Johnson Saves the Lives of C. N. Harvey and His Son.

At the peril of his own life, Fisherman H. Johnson yesterday afternoon rescued from drowning C. N. Harvey of No. 1236 West Monroe street and his 12-year-old son.

Harvey and his family have for the past week had been living in a small frame cabin at the foot of Bond avenue, and early yesterday afternoon he and his son went for a row on the lake. When they had reached a distance of half a mile from the shore one of the oars was lost and the boat drifted helplessly out into the lake. The Grand Crossing police were notified and they sent a message to the life-saving crew at South Chicago, which put out to the rescue.

Meanwhile, Johnson, who lives at Seventy-First street and Bond avenue, had seen the peril in which Harvey was placed and he jumped into a boat and rowed out to them. The journey was a hard one, owing to the troubled state of the lake, from the wind which was blowing half a gale, but after a hard struggle he reached the boat. It was half full of water, and had the rescue been delayed but a few minutes the boat would have got out into several eddying currents in the lake off Seventy-Sixth street and been capsized. Johnson by careful work and at the peril of his own life got Harvey and his son into his boat and rowed them to the shore.

The Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 19 May 1896