Springfield, IL Boarding House Fire, Feb 1899

Three Burned To Death.

Fatal Fire in a Springfield (Ill.) Boarding House.

Springfield, Ill., Feb. 4.-In a boarding house fire to-day three persons were burned to-death. The dead are MRS. EVA WITHEY, proprietor of the boarding house; MISS HELEN ROSE, and J.C. HALL.

When the fire occurred the house contained eighteen boarders, nearly all of whom were asleep. MRS. WITHEY, after arousing the boarders and getting her four children out, went back into the house to assist J.C. HALL, eighty years old, who occupied a room on the second floor. She was not seen alive afterward. Her charred body was removed from the ruins. MRS. WITHEY was well-known throughout the State, having been State President of the Daughters of Rebecca. MISS HELEN ROSE was a sister of Mrs. John McCreery, wife of the proprietor of the St. Nicholas Hotel. J.C. HALL was a retired merchant.

The origin of the fire is supposed to have been a defective flue. The loss is probably $10,000; partially insured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 5 Feb 1899