Bridgeport and Montgomery, IL Tornado Damage, May 1871


Chicago, Ill., May 17. -- A tornado passed over Bridgeport, in the south-west part of this city, last evening, and a number of buildings were blown down, including a Catholic church. MRS. MARY MOORE was killed by a falling beam, and several persons were more or less injured.

A tornado, yesterday, at Montgomery, Ill., three miles from Aurora, destroyed P. & R. RICHARDSON'S lumber warehouse, and one or two other buildings.
The dead bodies of two unknown boys were found on the Pittsburg, Cincinnati and St. Louis Railroad Track, near this city, last evening. It is supposed that they sought shelter from the storm under some freight-cars standing on a side track, and the cars, forced into motion by the wind, ran over and killed them.

The New York Times New York 1871-05-18