Chicago, IL Drownings, Aug 1924

Two Children at Play Drown in a Bathtub
Special to the Washington Post.

Chicago, Aug. 4.--RUTH SIEGEL, aged 5, and her brother, EDWARD, 6, drowned in a bathtub today while her mother chatted with a neighbor in an adjoining room. The lake was too far away from their home and too dangerous, so daily she would fill the tub half full of water, put on their bathing suits and allow them to sail their boats in the tub. For half an hour their laughter reached their mother as she went about her duties.

Mrs. Martha Haas, a next door neighbor, dropped in for a chat and departed. Then alarmed at the sudden silence, the mother dashed to the bathroom. The children lay in each others arms, their heads under the water. The girl, presumably, had slipped over the edge while piloting her boat and the boy had been dragged in while trying to help her out.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 5 Aug 1924