Decatur, IL Runaway Accident, Jun 1899


Two Ladies and a Child Were Hurt Friday Afternoon on Water Street.

Mrs. William D. Krigbaum and daughter Mildred and mother, Mrs. Ward, were all quite badly hurt in a runaway accident which occurred yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock. Mrs. Krigbaum was driving in a surrey. She was in the front seat while the little girl and her grandmother were in the back seat. The horse took fright at the Brunswick hotel corner and ran south on Water street. The horse had nearly reached the end of the street where there is a sudden turn to the eastward down a steep hill. Ed Riggs and William Averitt, who were putting up an awning at a house near by, saw the danger and attempted to stop the horse. The animal turned suddenly to one side and the surrey struck an iron hitching post and turned over. Mrs. Krigbaum was thrown some distance and the vehicle turned over on the other two occupants. The injured persons were carried to the residence of W. H. Addis and Dr. Dixon called to attend them. Mrs. Krigbaum had a bad cut on the back of her head, her face was cut and her body bruised. Mrs. Ward was badly bruised about the right eye and side of her head and the little girl received a bad bruise over the right eye. Today the two ladies were suffering a good deal from their wounds but it is not thought that they are dangerously hurt.

Daily Republican, Decatur, IL 3 Jun 1899