Bloomington, IL Tornado, Jun 1902

Windows Go In.

Griesheim’s store front on Main street suffered as bad as any, the large plate glass being demolished and the suits displayed in the window ruined. Mr. Griesheim said that he could not say exactly what the loss would be, but that it would be between $1,300 and $1,500.

Bertoni & Baldwin, on West front street, lost a big window and their building was somewhat damaged. They say their damage will be something like $300, although they do not know what the upstairs and roof may have suffered.

Beath & Bender’s Saloon, on West Jefferson street, lost a plate glass window in front and a skylight blew off the roof, letting the rain in and ruining all their carpets and furniture upstairs. They say their total loss will not be far from $1,000.

Walter Cass’ saloon, on East Washington street, suffered a similar loss and the damage will practically put him out of business for a time.

The Grand restaurant, near the Grand opera house, lost its roof and the goods were damaged by water.

Stewart’s music store on North Main street lost a plate glass window and some of the pianos were said to have been ruined, but the report could not be verified.

A big tin roof was taken off a livery barn in the vicinity of West Monroe street. The roof of the Armory was rolled over against B.F. Hoopes & Son’s commission house and they suffered from loss of stock.

One man who lives on West Washington street hired a hack to take him home after the storm, and the hack driver was compelled to come back, as he could not get around the fallen trees which blocked the street.

The Eddy building, on North Main street, which was recently burned out, suffered in common with the rest of the buildings and the approximate loss is not known.

The livery barn back of the Butler house lost the rear end by being blown over.

Grocery Front Wrecked.

The northwest window in the grocery store at the corner of Washington and Madison streets was blown in and the good displayed there were saturated with water. The wooden awning was a total wreck.

The big plate glass window in the east side of the J.V. Miller hardware store was shattered and the room flooded with water.

Driven From Flat.

The chimney on the flat above 115 East Front street, occupied by Broad Corman and family was blown down, crashing through the roof and saturating the occupants with water so that they had to vacate.

The windows in the second story of the building at 204 East Front street, occupied by Kalahar’s cigar factory was blown out into the street, as was also a coal bucket in the second story. The cornice, of brick, was also blown into the street. The east window in the first floor was also blown out and the interior of the building also saturated with water.

At The Braley Building

The north window at the west end of the Braley building, occupied by Herrick & Eckhart, was blown in and clothing damaged by water.

The Pantagraph building rocked perceptibly, and the employees, every one of them, took refuge in the vault under Washington street.

Grove Street Blocked

East Grove street, one of the most heavily shaded thoroughfares in the city, was blockaded as a result of the storm, and it will be many hours after midnight before teams can get through it. Trees from both sides are felled into the street, and the pavement is so heavily littered that even pedestrians could hardly thread their way through it last night.

Wreck of A Livery Barn

Frank Edward’s livery stable on West Front street was a severe sufferer. The roof was totally torn off and pitched a number of rods away. The front was also blown in, practically cutting off either exit or inlet to the stable. The rain pouring in did considerable damage to the vehicles.
Loss Almost Total.

But comparatively few people carried cyclone insurance policies either on business or residence property. Consequently the loss caused by the storm will the practically without recovery.

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