Bloomington, IL Tornado, Jun 1902

$200,000 Damage to Buildings in City of Bloomington.

In Bloomington.

The storm in this city was very severe, but no lives were lost.

The Illinois Wesleyan University was badly damaged, many buildings unroofed, plate glass fronts blown in, telephone and telegraph wires prostrated, streets rendered impassable by fallen trees.

Street railway traffic is tied up and all railroad trains delayed by trees blown across the track.

At San Jose a grain elevator was wrecked. At Barnes another elevator was blown down.

A large number of farmhouses were reported severely damaged, but detail are lacking owing to prostration of wires.

Bloomington, Ills., June 11. - Special to the Review.)- Probably the fiercest wind storm in the history of Bloomington, so far is the extent of damage done is concerned, struck the city at 11 o’clock last night.

It was a veritable tornado, the wind blowing at a terrific velocity, but there being no features of the cyclone or twister.

Hundreds of Thousands Damage

A conservative estimate of the damage done places damage to property in the city and immediate vicinity at $200,000.

City In a Panic

The storm created a panic through the city. Most of the city were asleep, but the rattling and shaking of their houses shook them out of bed, and terror-stricken men, women and children stood in helpless fear until the storm had spent its force.

Chimneys toppled and fell on the roofs. Blinds were ripped off and hurled against the buildings. Windows crashed and shivered like things of straw. The rain then pelted in and ruined untold hundreds of dollars worth of property.

In Business Districts

The scene in the business part of Bloomington during the storm was utterly beyond description, and the effect of the storm is more appalling than anything that has happened of recent years except the big fire of 1900.

Plate glass by the ton was smashed to splinters. Awnings were ripped into shreds. Chimneys and cornices were torn loose and destroyed. Stocks of goods were more or less water soaked, and it will require many days to compute the loss on this score.

Detached pieces of buildings were hurled for blocks, and many were the odd freaks of the wind which today’s dawn revealed.

Some of the business streets are lined with shattered store fronts and ruins of handsome wooden or canvas awnings.

Electric Business Demoralized

The business of the electric lighting companies, the telephone and telegraph people and the street railway, was thoroughly disorganized and suffered thousands of dollars of damage. In the midst of the storm all electric currents were shut off per force, and the city was left in total darkness except for gas and lamps.

Hundreds of poles were toppled over or bent from their upright position. Cables were snapped, and single lines by thousands strewed the ground.

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