Rockford, IL Star Furniture Co Factory Collapse, Mar 1890


ROCKFORD, Ill., March 25.---Special Telegram---About 8 o'clock this morning the new factory of the Star Furniture Company collapsed, ruining it utterly. Twenty men at work on the structure barely escaped with their lives. The building was four stories high and the roof had just been put on. It was a frame building and was to have been veneered over with brick. There was a very high wind this morning and the windows not yet being in the building went down. The twenty men at work inside were warned by a sudden bulging of the walls and barely escaped before the structure went down. The loss is from $2,000 to $5,000, according to the value of the material in the wreck. C. E. Carison was the contractor, but the company furnished its own material. Some think the catastrophe was due to faulty construction.

The Sunday Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 26 Mar 1890