Chicago, IL Schooner JENNIE LIND Wreck, May 1883

A Disastrous Storm- Several Vessels Lost.

Chicago, May 21.- A storm of extraordinary force prevailed on Lake Michigan last night and a number of vessels bound for this port were wrecked, but the extent of the disasters is only yet partially known. The chief disaster thus far reported is that of the two masted schooner Jennie Lind, lumber laden from Muskogee, which capsized while near land about 5 o'clock this morning. The mate swam ashore and was rescued. JOHN ANDERSON, captain, L. PETERSON, A. HELGESSON and a man named CHRISTIANSEN, sailors, were drowned. The schooner Mary Ellen Cook, Captain Williams, early this morning bore down on the outer government breakwater the light being either extinguished by the stern or through the inability of the lighthouse-keeper to light it, it being placed on an exceptionally exposed place. The vessel was driven against the breakwater, and afterwards carried by the waves completely over the obstruction into the inner harbor, where she soon waterlogged. They succeeded in rescuing the crew with the exception of a young boy, FRANK MILLER, who in the excitement, threw himself overboard and was drowned.

The schooner Henry Berger, laden with lumber, from Ludington, was also driven against the breakwater and wrecked, but the crew were all saved.

The Daily Miner, Butte, MT 22 May 1883