Quincy, IL Flood, Mar 1897

Crisis at Quincy.

Quincy, Ill, March 27.---A flood crisis prevails here to-night. At 6 o'clock the Mississippi passed the 14 foot 8 inch mark and is still rising at the rate of one third of an inch per hour in spite of the fact that the river is from three to eight miles wide above and below Quincy. Ferry boats to-day moved a number of families and droves of stock from Horton's island, which is now almost covered with water. The residents on the opposite of Quincy bay were forced to abandon their homes. Farmers have been fighting the rising waters night and day on the levees north of town. It is feared that all of the levees will go to-morrow unless the rise ceases. The first break in the levees will mean the flooding of thousands of acres of valuable farm land.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 29 Mar 1897