Chicago, IL Saratoga House Hotel Fire, Nov 1887

The Burning of the Saratoga House in Chicago Creates Great Consternation.
Half Clad Guests Rush Frantic With Terror Into the Crowded Streets.
A Hotel Fire
A Fire in a Hotel at Chicago Creates a Panic---No One Hurt.

Chicago, Nov. 17.--Over 1,000 guests occupying six floors of the Saratoga European Hotel on Dearborn street were aroused from their beds shortly before 2 o’clock this morning by the electric fire alarm in their rooms. Smoke was pouring through the halls and creeping in at the transoms. An indescribable panic ensued and few stopped to secure their clothing or valuables. Women and men flew through the halls, down the stairway and out into the street clad in their night clothes. The clattering of the fire engines aroused the occupants of several hotels in the neighborhood and the excitement became intense. A half hours work subdued the fire sufficiently to allow two truck companies to hoist ladders and make a search of the rooms. It was at first believed that some of the guests had been caught in the fire, but none were found. The fire broke out afresh on the top floor and in a short wile the entire seventh story was ablaze with a strong breeze fanning it in the direction of the Journal building to the south. The rear, from the lower floor clear through, was also ablaze, the shaft formerly used as a freight elevator, acting as a flue. The fire, however, was confined to these places and but for a strong wind could have been easily fought. The building was flooded with water, and from this and the smoke most of the damage will accrue. At 3 o’clock the fire was entirely under control. The Windsor Hotel, just across the alley, was crowded with excited men and women in all stage of dishabille. In their haste to get out of the burning Saratoga many of them had put on one shoe while others were bare footed. The loss in money is small.

Aberdeen Weekly News, Aberdeen, SD 18 Nov 1887