Cairo, IL Storm and Steamboat Sinkings, Nov 1857



Fleet of Steamers Blown Aground -

[From the Cincinnati Commercial, 23d inst.]
Our special correspondent telegraphs us from Louisville, on Saturday night, that the steamer Republic, Captain STEWART, had arrived from St. Louis. She reports that sixteen coal boats (the same that descended the Falls last week for the Memphis and New Orleans markets) were sunk during the storm early on Wednesday morning, in the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, in sight of Cairo. The weather being exceedingly cold, night dark, and the river unusually rough, only twenty of the men were saved. It is supposed that at least one hundred men were drowned. The steamer Highflyer, Captain T. T. WRIGHT, reports, encountering the storm in the Mississippi river, between Hickman and New Madrid. She passed three other sunken canal boats near Hickman. The steamer H. D. Newcomb reports six boats as the number lost at that point. She passed up after the Highflyer.

As near as we can learn twenty boats were lost, containing three hundred thousand bushels of coal, worth at least $36,000. The loss of life is deplorable, and will bring sorrow and distress to numerous families. The crews were principally from Pittsburgh and Louisville, and the vicinity of the Falls.

Pilot C. R. McFALL, of the steamer Gladiator, reports several other boats swamped and sunk as low down as New Madrid.
The Lady Pike, on her upward trip on Friday, passed a small Big Sandy coal boat, containing 8,000 bushels, sunk on the Kentucky shore, a short distance above Carrollton. There were two boats lashed together - one saved.

Passengers who arrived on the Diamond from Evansville report the storm along the lower Ohio perfectly terrific. No boat was able to run, and all had to tie up. One of the pair of Hyatt & Co.'s monster coal boats, from Louisville, with 20,000 bushels of coal, was sunk, the crew barely escaping with their lives. She was cut loose from the other boat, which it was thought would be saved. A number of the crew of the lost boat were on the Diamond. These men report that a pair of coal boats went down just at the town ____________.

Philadelphia Press Pennsylvania 1857-11-25