Champaign, IL Streamliner Derailed, Apr 1947


Champaign, Ill. -- (AP) -- The Illinois Central Railroad's "City of Miami" seven-car, all-steel streamliner bound from Chicago to Miami, was wrecked near here Saturday, killing two crew members and injured at least 21 passengers.
Railroad headquarters in Chicago said the train had begun slowing down for a scheduled stop here when it "ran a switch" at the entrance to the railroad yards.
The entire train left the rails, torn up the roadbed, and the locomotive and baggage car flopped over on their sides. The coaches remained upright, but blocked traffic on the road's two main lines.
The dead, as reported by the railroad and Burnham City Hospital, were CHARLES REDUS, 70, Centralia, Ill., the conductor, and C. M. WOODS, Champaign, Ill., a baggageman.
The injured were rushed by ambulance to Burnham, McKinley, Mercy and Carle Hospitals here. Six injured were released after first aid, with 15 requiring hospitalization.

Ogdensburg Advance New York 1947-04-20