Pontiac, IL Two Car Collision, Sep 1954



Pontiac - The list of dead from a two-car collision 1 1/2 miles north of here on Route 66 early Friday swelled to seven as one of the injured, GILBERTO CASTELLANAS, 22, of Laredo, Tex., died at 1:25 p.m. Friday in St. James Hospital.
The condition of the three remaining injured, GULLERMON MARTINEZ, 16, and ARNULFO RODRIQUEZ, 28, both of Laredo, and CLEOPIS FERRELL, 20, of Madison, were described as "very serious" by hospital authorities Friday night.
Also killed in the smashup, in which one of the autos was "practically cut in two," were CLARENCE SMITH; U.S. LIVINGSTON, 30; ASBERRY MABORS and JAMES DONALD, all of Madison, and ANALETE ORTIZ, 31, and RAMON MARTINEZ, 53, both of Laredo.
District 6 State Police said the cars were going in opposite directions. The report said that SMITH, driving the Madison men's car, cut into the opposite lane of traffic as he drove south on Route 66. He saw the other car coming and was trying to swerve back in line when the other auto struck his broadside.
The officers said that the SMITH auto was
"practically bi-sected" as a result of the impact, and that neither was worth "15 cents."
An inquest is pending the condition of the three injured.
The Laredo, Tex., men had been working on a fruit farm at Holland, Mich., and were en route back to their homes.
Fernando Rueda, a representative of the Mexican Consulate in Chicago, arrived in Pontiac Friday to aid in disposition of the bodies of the Laredo men. He was to make contact with Mexican affairs advisers of United States immigration authorities at Laredo.
In the meantime, a relative of one of the Texas men, Romeo Quintanilla Rodriguez
also arrived after learning of the accident via Chicago papers. He offered his assistance in identification.
The bodies of the Madison men were to be shipped to East St. Louis, near Madison, today.

The Pantagraph Bloomington Illinois 1954-09-04