Assumption, IL Two Auto Head On Crash, Feb 1969


Assumption, Ill. (UPI) - Eight persons were killed Saturday when two cars collided head-on in a predawn drizzle on U.S. 51 north of this Christian County community.
All died instantly when a convertible carrying five brothers and sisters from Chicago to an Arkansas vacation slammed into a station wagon with three men driving to Chicago for an earthmoving equipment exposition.
State police said there was no obvious explanation for the crash, other than perhaps one car veering off a slight embankment into the path of the other.
The Arkansas-bound victims were identified as WILLIE FOSTER, 21, Fort Wayne, Ind., his sisters, JOHNNIE MAE, 22, and ROSIE FOSTER, 15, and brothers JOSEPH LEE, 16, and MICHAEL, 1, all of Chicago.
FOSTER, who worked in Fort Wayne, had apparently driven to Chicago to pick up the others before heading to West Memphis, Ark., authorities said.
The other victims were identified as RICHARD MUNDELL, 34, Tower Hill; SHERMAN L. DOWDY, 30, Pana; and LEROY G. WALCH, 36, Witt. DOWDY and MUNDELL worked for the Caterpillar Tractor Co. in Decatur, authorities said, and WALCH was a farmer. All had families.
State police said both cars were apparently traveling at a reasonable rate of speed, and there were no skid marks to indicate either tried to avoid a collision.

Green Bay Press-Gazette Wisconsin 1969-02-23