Downers Grove, IL Two Auto Crash, Sep 1967


Downers Grove, Ill. (AP) - Ten persons including five children were killed last night in the fiery collision of a station wagon and a car just west of Downers Grove.
Police said nine of the 10 victims were riding in the station wagon, which was driven by ARTHUR L. HOFFMEISTER, 28, of Downers Grove. The other auto, which police said was traveling at high speed, was driven by RALPH J. KUZNIERZ, 43, of Lisle, who also was killed.
The station wagon victims were HOFFMEISTER; his wife, PAULA; her parents, JOHN P. BRUBAKER, 51, of Virden, and his wife, ESTHER, 56; and the HOFFMEISTER children - BETH ANN, 6; JANE, 5; ARMY, 4; PEGGY, 3; and DAVID, 1.
Police said the accident occurred when the automobile went out of control. They said the car plowed into a line of mailboxes and then swerved back onto the road into the oncoming lane of traffic, where the collision occurred.
Police said the gasoline tank of one of the vehicles burst into flame. When police arrived, the bodies of five children and two adults were pinned inside the wreckage.

San Bernardino County Sun California 1967-09-08