Greenfield, IL Stunt Plane Crashes, Nov 1924


Greenfield, Ill., Nov. 23 - Three men were killed when an airplane from St. Louis fell into a backyard garden, two blocks from the town square here, late yesterday. The gasoline tank was empty and it was believed the plane fell when the engine stopped for lack of fuel.
The victims were:
GEORGE WALKER, forty-three years old, a newspaper man, of Jerseyville, Ill.
and two flyers of St. Louis, said to be H. G. TILLEY, twenty-two years, and OLE HAGER, twenty-five years old.
The men had been hired by a Jerseyville merchant for advertising purposes and were returning to St. Louis when the crash occurred.
The machine was flying low, witnesses said, when it took a sudden nose dive. One leaped from the machine before it struck the ground, but he was pinned under the wreckage.

Scranton Republican Pennsylvania 1924-11-24