Morris, IL Boy Badly Burned While Playing With Firecrakers, June 1912

Firecrackers Explode In Pocket

Morris, IL., June 24 - Arthur Higgins, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Higgins was quite badly burned on the hip today while playing with firecrackers. The boy had a piece of punk and several bunches of firecrackers. He put one bunch in his trousers pocket while he was lighting the others. After a few moments he put the punk into his pocket and forgot the crackers. They ignited and the boy did a lively dance.

There was excitement in the neighborhood for awhile, as the boy ran screaming for home with his clothing burning. Mrs. Higgins, assisted by neighbors, extinguished the blaze, but Arthur carries a very sore spot on his hip. The boy was attended by Dr. Whitman.

Morris Daily Herald 1912-06-14