Morris, IL (near) Boy Suffers Skull Fracture When Horse Buggy Crashes, June 1912

Boy's Skull Fractured During a Runaway

Norman Township, Grundy County, IL., June 22 - Four year old nephew of Sam Bingham
of Morris, reported seriously hurt in Norman Township.

Sam Bingham, of Morris, has received word that the four year old son of his brother, George Bingham, of Norman Towship, was seriously injured yesterday during a runaway. George Bingham and his son had started for Seneca but when on a hill near their home the team ran away. The buggy was smashed and both the occupants injured. The boy is reported to have a fractured skull and to be in serious condition. Mr. Bingham escaped with bruises.

The lad was taken to the nearest farm house and attended by Dr. Gano of Morris. The boy if he lives until tonight, is to be brought to the Morris Hospital. In addition to the fractured skull some of his ribs are broken.

Morris Daily Herald 1912-06-22