Various Locations, IL Terrible Storm, Aug 1865


One of the most severe storms Illinois ever experienced visited that locality on Monday night of last week, and resulted, most unfortunately, in the loss of several lives and the destruction of a great deal of property. It extended several hundred square miles. It is reported that the growing crops have suffered severely. In some parts large fields of corn have been destroyed, either totally or in part; fruit trees have been blown down or torn up by the roots, and where this has not been done, the fruit has been stripped from the trees and scattered over the ground.
In some wooded districts hundreds of trees have been damaged, and many of them completely destroyed; all the growing crops have suffered more or less, and many thousand dollars worth of corn, buckwheat and other cereals must have been lost.
On the line of the Chicago and Northwestern road the most serious damage was done. A portion of the track was washed away; a train of passenger cars ran into the break, and four lives were thereby lost.
Their names are:
J. H. BEEBE, engineer.
JOHN FENTON, fireman.
STEPHEN THATCHER, express messenger.
L. B. LEWIS, passenger, from Odell, Iowa.
The storm on the lake was fearful and losses of vessels and lives are anticipated.

St. Cloud Democrat Minnesota 1865-08-31