Dixon, IL Killed By Lightning, Apr 1846


The little village of Dixon, Ill., was visited on the 11th ult. by a stroke of lightning, which damaged the house of A. H. MORRELL and killed one of the citizens.
The lightning first struck the top of the chimney, knocking off a part of the top, passing down the chimney to the stove pipe, from the room occupied by MR. CLUTE, followed down his stove pipe, passing through the floor into the room where MR. DANIEL CUSSINOUGH was at work, running down an axle-tree stick which stood up against the wall with the lower end near his foot as he stood sawing off the end of a felloe, the current of electricity penetrated his boot, near the ball of the inside of his left foot, followed his left side up to his head, and passed up through the chamber floor into the room where it had first left, killing MR. CUSSINOUGH instantly, and carrying with it particles of his cap, which were picked out of the ceiling directly over where he stood. There was another young man in the same room, at work with MR. CUSSINOUGH, who was not more that 6 or 7 feet from him at the time he was struck - he was not even shocked nor injured. There was also in the room, where it passed down and up, MR. CLUTE and his wife, and PETER McHUEY and a boy, none of them over 8 feet from the current, and none of them hurt. The house was considerably damaged, and the chimney cracked in several places.

American Republican and Baltimore Daily Clipper Maryland