Oak Crest, IL Tornado, Jul 1915

Reports of high wind and much rain were received from all over the county. Much damage was done to the oats crop, fields being blown down flat in some places. Orchards, too, were badly damaged.

Damage at Oak Crest
Buggy Blown Over

A buggy on the Springfield road in Oak Crest was blown over but no damage was done. No one was hurt. Some large limbs of trees were also blown down in Oak Crest.

At Oak Crest

Oak Crest suffered a great deal from the wind storm. At the H.L. CUSHING residence one of the up stairs windows blew out and Mrs. Cushing was severely cut on the arm. The large chicken house in the back yard was blown forty feet into the ravine, but it is thought that the chickens were not hurt.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL 10 Jul 1915