Oregon, IL School Official Drowns in Rock River, Nov 1938

Former Ogle County School Chief Drowns

George F. Cann Falls Into River When Boat Lurches

Hunt For Body

Directed Ogle County Schools From 1926 To 1934

(Consolidated News Service)
Oregon, Ill., Nov. 12.-Deputy sheriffs and volunteers late tonight were dragging Rock River here in an effort to recover the body of George F. Cann, 56, former Ogle county superintendent of schools, who drowned when he fell in the river this afternoon while fishing from a boat.

Cann, according to witnesses, fell into the river when he dropped an anchor from the boat into the water. As the anchor fell, the boar lurched, throwing him into the stream.

The accident occurred shortly after 1 p.m. south of Illinois Northern Utilities company power dam.

Sinks Before Aid Arrives.

After being plunged head first into the stream, Cann attempted to swim on his back. His cries for help were heard by other fishermen, but before they could reach him, the swift current of the stream pulled him under the water.

Sheriff Delos Blanchard ordered deputy sheriffs to drag the river for the body as soon as he was notified. No trace of the body was found, and Sheriff Blanchard said the deputies and volunteers would continue the search throughout tonight and tomorrow.

Mr. Cann, an ardent angler, fished in Rock river here during much of his spare time. He was wearing boots and heavy clothing when he was plunged into the stream and their weight apparently prevented him from swimming far before he became exhausted and was pulled under the surface by the current.

Widely Known Educator

Widely known throughout northern Illinois as an educator, Mr. Cann taught in schools in Ogle, Lee, and De Kalb counties before he became Ogle County superintendent of schools in 1926. He served two terns, from 1926 to 1934, as county superintendent and was defeated for the republican nomination for re-election by W.L. Pickering, present superintendent, in the spring of 1934. Before he was first elected superintendent, Mr. Cann taught in schools in Kings, Lee, Malta and Chana, and in a number of rural schools. He was still affiliated with the Oregon school system at the time of his death.\

He was born Sept. 3, 1882 in Chana, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Cann. He attended rural schools and was graduated from Northern Illinois State Teachers college at De Kalb. He married Miss Hazel Tilton on July 29, 1904.

Besides the widow, he is survived by a son, Morris; two daughters, Gertrude and Louis; his mother, Mrs. Martha Cann, Chicago, a sister, Mrs. Grace Hall, Chicago, and two brothers, Norvin, Harvey, Ill., and Malcolm, Oregon.

He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Morning Star, Rockford, IL 13 Nov 1938