Chicago, IL Windsor Beach Drownings, Jul 1894

Two Drowned In Lake Michigan.

Narrow Escape for a Dozen Others at Windsor Beach, Chicago.

Chicago, July 31.-Windsor Beach, a new fashionable Summer resort on the south shore of Lake Michigan, within the city limits, was the scene of a double drowning this afternoon. Julius Greenburg, a married man, living at 480 Paulina Street, and Minnie McCann were drowned in sight of 5,000 pleasure seekers. A dozen persons narrowly escaped with their lives. It was only through the bravery of Stephen McCauley that the list of dead is not larger, for he rescued four persons.

Fourteen bathers were clinging to a raft located 100 feet from shore near the life line, which was at the six-foot depth. A swimmer tried to climb on the raft, when it tipped sideways and sank beneath the additional weight. The side motion caused it to swing under the life line, which swept all into the water. Several in the party could not swim, and their wild cries for help did not reach the ears of the crowd on shore on account of the uproar.

Mrs. Greenburg saw her husband sink and became insane. In the excitement all those who could swim made for the shore. McCauley hauled one woman from the water by her hair and made four trips, each time bringing a person to shore who would otherwise have drowned.

The New York Times, New York, NY 1 Aug 1894