Rockford, IL Quarry Accident, Jun 1900

Mishap At City Quarry

Bert Miller Meets With A Terrible Tumble Breaking One Leg

And Bruising Head and Body-Fell Thirty Feet from Rocky Ledge to Stone Floor Below-At City Hospital.

Bert Miller, a young man residing at 1027 South Court Street, met with a mishap at the city stone quarry this forenoon which came near terminating his employment with the city and his career at the same time.

He was operating a drill standing on a ledge and in some unaccountable manner fell off the ledge to the stone bed thirty feet below sustaining injuries which will lay him up for some time but are not expected to prove fatal, although it is a marvel that he was not killed outright.

The injured man was picked up unconscious and conveyed to the City Hospital, where Drs. Culhane and Frost looked after his injuries. He sustained a compound fracture of one thigh, the bones protruding through the flesh, a severe gash in one knee and some bruises about the head and face.

How the accident happened is a mystery. The drill which he was operating stood some six feet away from the edge of the ledge upon which he was located and he could not have slipped and fallen. The drill was tumbled over but whether Miller caught hold of it as he fell and pulled it over or whether it started to topple over and he attempted to catch it and lost his balance in so doing is not known.

His brother-in-law, John Kerlin, was working almost beside him at the time. The latter did not see the start of the accident but turned his head just in time to see Miller tumble over the edge to the rock floor below.

Miller is about 18 years of age and has been employed at the city quarry for some time. He was not the regular drill operator but had been running one more or less and understood its workings thoroughly.

Rockford Daily Republic, Rockford, IL 19 Jun 1900