Chicago, IL Street Car Accident, Dec 1890

Killed By The Street Cars.

Fifty men and boys seized a street-car and lifted it off the track by main force last evening shortly before 6 o’clock at the corner of Taylor and Jefferson streets. The car was crowded with men going to their homes, when suddenly the cry went up “man under the wheels,” and within a minute the car was emptied and every occupant was slamming and tugging at the car, to lift it off the form of a man, whose body could be seen quivering in the throes of death.

Sam Fry, aged 45 years, a driver on the Twelfth street line for ten years, had been instantly killed. Two cars were passing at the time, and it is not known from which one Fry fell-F.D. Baugh was the conductor of the car going west and Henry Heilman the driver. Henry King, conductor, and Thomas Hardy, driver, manned the car east. All men were arrested. Fry’s head was crushed by the wheels, and the brains were oozing out. He was a widower, and lived at No. 938 West Taylor street. The company gives him a good reputation as to sobriety.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 31 Dec 1890