Chicago, IL Quarry Dynamite Explosion, Aug 1894

Dynamite Explosion.

Three Men Killed and One Fatally and Another Slightly Injured While Experimenting.

Chicago, Aug. 1.-Three men were instantly killed, one fatally and one slightly injured by an explosion of dynamite at the quarries of Doles & Shepard, outside the city limits, at noon Tuesday.

Killed-F.H. CORBIN, J. SCOTT and C. SCOTT, father and son.

Injured-C.M. Rudd, torn and lacerated, taken to the Presbyterian hospital; will die. Unknown man slightly injured.

The men killed and fatally injured were employees of the American Electric Co., and were at the quarry experimenting with a new invention for the setting off of dynamite, powder and other explosives by means of electricity, when a large quantity of dynamite prematurely exploded, with the above disastrous results.

Portsmouth Daily Times, Portsmouth, OH 1 Aug 1894