McCook, IL Stone Quarry Explosion, Feb 1922

Chicago Given A Shaking

Explosion of a Powder Magazine in Stone Quarry on Outskirts of City.

Chicago, Feb. 24.-Explosion of a powder magazine in a stone quarry in the southwestern outskirts of Chicago tonight shook the entire city and caused considerable excitement before the site of the detonation could be discovered. When windows were shattered in the south and the west portions of the city shortly before 9:30 o’clock, excited calls were made to newspapers to discover where the explosion had occurred and how many had been killed. Inquiries by telephone to many places failed to discover what had exploded, but a curious freak of newspaperdome, in inquiry by The Associated Press to Indianapolis soon brought a bulletin from LaFayette, Ind., that the explosion had occurred at McCook, Ill., on the outskirts of Chicago.

This information obtained within a few minutes after the explosion led to the tracing of the accident to the quarry which is situated in a rather secluded spot.

So far as could be ascertained, no one was killed and early reports failed to explain how the accident occurred.

The first definite report of the blasé had first reached a Monon railroad signal tower at Dyer, Ind., and had thence been relayed to the Monon dispatcher at LaFayette, whence it came back to Chicago over The Associated Press wire.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 25 Feb 1922