Edinburg, IL Tornado, Apr 1875


St. Louis, April 8 -- A special to the Globe from Edinburg, Ill., says that a fearful tornado passed over that place between four and five o'clock this evening.
Five dwellings were blown down, and the Christian Church crushed to atoms.
A rehearsal, preparatory to an exhibition to be given tonight, was being held in the church when the wind struck it. Some twenty young ladies and gentlemen and children were in the church, nearly all of whom were more or less injured.
The following so far have been removed from the ruins:
MISS MARY PROTER, both legs broken.
RICHARD GREENWOOD, one leg broken.
MISS LANDER, one leg and one arm broken.
J. B. EATON, WILLIAM BLAKE, MISS CARRIE STEWART and several others severely cut and bruised.
Lee's elevator was also badly damaged.

Sedalia Daily Democrat Missouri 1895-04-09