Chicago, IL Lightning and Fire, Jul 1900


Wall of Broom Corn Factory Falls on Boarding House

Chicago, July 17.---Seven persons were injured, one fatally, by falling walls in a fire caused by lightning last night at Michigan street and Dearborn avenue. Fireman Robert Meany [?] is the one fatally hurt; he was caught in falling debris while jumping from the second story.

The fire started in a brom[sic] corn factory and spread rapidly. Suddenly the walls of the burning building collapsed falling on and adjoining boarding house, 712 Michigan street, crushing the roof in.

Several firemen were carried down with the roof, and for a time it was believed a number of persons had perished. The inmates of the boarding house were all rescued, though with much difficulty.

The total damage amounts to nearly $100,000. Henry F. Vonmeyer Co., proprietors of the broom corn factory, estimated their loss at $150,000, and J. Dreyfus & Co., furriers, at $30,000.

New Haven Evening Register, New Haven, CT 17 Jul 1900