Decatur, IL Bicycle Accident, Jun 1901


George Shilling met with a painful accident last evening while going home on his bicycle. he had been up town and was riding east on North street and when near the corner of Broadway and North he turned aside to pass another wheel and was run down by a brewery wagon. Schilling was knocked from his wheel and struck the pavement with such force that he was almost rendered unconscious by the fall. Quickly recovering his senses he got out of the way as soon as possible and fortunately was not run over by the wheels of the wagon. As soon as he got to his feet he found that he had a cut and several bruises on the head and he at once proceeded to the office of a surgeon where his wounds were dressed and then he was able to go to his home on East Eldorado street without assistance. he had a deep cut on the head but his injuries are not serious. His wheel was considerably damaged in the collision and it will be several days before the wheel is able to be out.

Decatur Herald, Decatur, IL 4 Jun 1901