Chicago, IL Bomber Crash, Jan 1951



Chicago, Jan. 15. -- (UP) -- An air force B-26 bomber, attempting an emergency landing due to heavy ice on its wings, exploded in flight today and plunged to earth "like a meteor," killing all five men aboard.
The twin-engined ship exploded less than 100 yards from a safe landing at the Glenview Naval Air Station when heavy ice on its wings forced it to try to land at the Glenview Field.
"It exploded and then it dropped through the air like a meteor," said a policeman who witnessed the accident.

Wreckage Scattered.
The explosion scattered wreckage of the plane over an area almost half a mile in diameter.
The fuselage narrowly missed a truck farmers' house as it ploughed into his field about 100 yards from the runway where it was trying to land.
"The roar shook me right out of bed," the farmer said.
A second explosion blasted the fuselage as it hit, then burst into flames so intense that rescue workers were driven back repeatedly as they tried to reach the shattered craft.
Spokesmen at O'Hare International Airfield where the plane was based said the victims, a captain, two other officers and two enlisted men, were members of the 441st Bomber Group of the Illinois Air National Guard.
All the victims were reported to be residents of Chicago, but their names were withheld pending notification of the next of kin.

Vidette-Messenger Valparasio Indiana 1951-01-15