Madison County, IL Tornado, Mar 1871

Another fearful tornado was that of March 8, 1871, which crossed the river at St. Louis coming from the southwest, and swept through this county with destructive effect. At East St. Louis it did an immense amount of damage and was so resistless that it lifted a locomotive from the track and landed it in the ditch. At Nameoki, in this county, it struck a string of box cars and hurled them a considerable distance, besides doing great damage to houses, barns and out-buildings. Fragments of steamboats, destroyed at the St. Louis levee, were carried clear across Madison county and landed in the timber and fields along the northern border A church at New Douglas, in which service was being held, was stood up on end and the congregation precipitated to the lower level.

Centennial history of Madison County, Illinois, and its people, 1812 to 1912, 1914, page 220.   Use this Free trial to search for your ancestors.