Cairo, IL Tornado, May 1910


One Residence Blows 100 Feet-Another 50-Occupants Injured.

Four houses were demolished, several others were badly damaged, a number of barns were wrecked and many trees were town up by the roots by a tornado which struck the northern part of Cairo shortly before 7 o’clock the other night. The storm came from the southeast and seemed to be about 100 feet wide. The first house struck was that of Henry Smith, a lumberman. It was a substantial eight-room structure, but was picked up from the foundations and carried about fifty feet northward and landed bottom side up. Mrs. Smith, who was in the house with her three children, was severely injured and one of the children had an arm broken. The storm next picked up the cottage of Arthur Landquist on Thirty-sixth street, carried it 100 feet from its foundation and landed it right side up, but twisted out of shape. Landquest and his family were in the house and they were badly shaken up. The entire upper section of the house of William Wise was cut off about ten feet from the ground and carried away by the storm. Wise and his family were at supper and they were left sitting at the table surrounded by shattered walls. Side walls and porches of several houses were carried away. A number or barns were wrecked, one large barn being carried 200 feet in the air and landed on a coal shed.

Cook County Herald, Arlington Heights, IL 27 May 1910




Cairo, Ill --. A tornado that struck Cairo at 6.40 o'clock Saturday evening demolished four homes, damaged a dozen or more and destroyed several barns besides tearing many large trees up by the roots. No fatalities were reported, but one woman was bruised and several persons were slightly injured.

Carbon County Utah 1910-05-27