Woodford County, IL Flood, Aug 1924

Floods have plagued the villagers many times, the worst being in 1924. One, coming in August of 1924, after a continuous downpour, and one storm after another, made it a night to remember. Torrential rains flooded Panther Creek making it a raging torrent and raising its level a foot every few minutes. Houses in the lowlands were soon flooded, and the current of the water was so powerful that neither man nor beast could resist it. Water covered South Main Street and West Front to a depth of three to six feet. The Leo Bodhaine family, near the park, left their home about midnight. Miss Sadie Robinson and Fred and Otis Darling were rescued from the former hotel building. Dr. Rodaway swam to Mrs. Julia Nafzinger’s house with a rope which he fastened to the porch. He managed to break the door and found Mrs. Nafzinger, clinging to the top of a door frame, standing on the knob of the door. He rescued her. The Benj. Fehr machine shop was filled with water to a depth of four feet. The city pumping plant was also filled so that no one could get in to start the pumps. Hundreds of feet of Santa Fe railroad track were loosened and washed out both east and west of town. Houses within reach of the flooded creek were covered with water; then left with inches of mud and muck to be cleaned out.

The Woodford County history - Woodford County Board of Supervisors, 1968, page 168. Use this Free trial to search the book for your ancestors.