Edwardsville, IL (near) Tornado, Nov 1832


The Alton paper gives an account of a whirlwind, which appeared on the road between this place and Edwardsville on the 17th November. We extract a paragraph from the account:
Illinois Journal.

In the mean time, the sound had engaged the attention of MR. LUTTRELL, living more than a mile to the west. Concluding that it must be fire, he caught his hat and walked quickly to meet it. It was nearly stationary, exhibiting a dense column of smoke and cinder. What confirmed him to the belief that the smoke proceeded from a bed of coal was, its density, and the peculiar motion of the smoke, undulating, yet boiling up, like water in a vast cauldron over an intense fire. He continued very moderately to advance, but had not adventured more than 15 or 18 feet, as he conjectured, within the volume of smoke, when the tornado, as it seemed to him, gathered tremendous strength. He instantly turned to retreat, but had not turned more than half round, before he was raised from his feet entirely in the power of the wind.
As he rose in the air, the smoke and cinder seemed instantly drawn to the centre, so that objects near the circumference of the tornado, were distinctly visible. While riding round, he reached down to catch hold of a sapling, about 18 feet high, but could not reach it. After riding the engire circuit of the tornado, he was thrown out about two rods beyond the point from which he was taken up. Thus far he possessed his reason; but his stroke on the ground instantly deprived him of sense. He lay senseless, according to the best calculation of time passed from leaving his house, about an hour and a half.
After coming to his senses, he lay about half an hour before he could rise. He then looked around; all was calm; no indication of a coal mine or fire; and with difficulty he walked home.
No bone was broken by the fall, and after three days, he was able to be abroad a little, though he had not entirely recovered on the 1st of December.

The Ohio Repository Canton Ohio 1833-03-01