Chicago, IL Plaza Hotel Fire, Nov 1907

Hotel on Fire; 500 Flee.

Guests, Thinly Clad, Escape from Burning Plaza Hotel, Chicago.

Chicago, Nov. 2.-More than 500 guests of the Plaza Hotel, North Avenue and Clark Street, fled from their rooms in confusion early to-day on account of fire in the basement. The building was quickly filled with smoke and many of the guests had difficulty in reaching the street. About 100 men and women fled down the fire escape to the first floor whence they were assisted by firemen. The fire, which started in the laundry, spread rapidly and a few minutes after the alarm was sounded the entire building was filled with smoke. The flames, however, were soon under control, and $500 will cover the damage.

The guests, most of them thinly clad, sought refuge in stores near by. Some of them had been slightly affected by the smoke. About forty women, becoming exhausted, were carried down ladders and fire escapes by firemen. Arthur Hart, the night clerk, and two bellboys, who nearly lost their lives in warning the guests of their danger, assisted many in reaching the street.

The New York Times, New York, NY 3 Nov 1907