Charleston, IL Auto Wreck, Jan 1929

Three Hurt When Guard Rail Is Driven Into Automobile

(Special to The Herald)
Charleston, Jan. 1.-Three persons sustained broken legs when their car went through a guard rail on Route 16 two miles west of Charleston early Tuesday morning. The injured are all Charleston residents. They are:
IRENE JACOBS, 20, both legs fractured. One may be amputated.
ALTON JACOBS 22, driver of the car, right leg broken.
MRS. KENNETH SHOOT, 20, right leg broken.
Kenneth Shoot, the fourth person in the wrecked car was uninjured.

Returning from Dance.

The accident happened as the four were returning to Charleston from a dance. Jacobs became confused at a turn on the road and thought that he was off the slab. In reality he was in the middle of the road. He swerved the car to the left and went off the slab on to the shoulder. He cut back across the road skidded across and then swerved to the left again.

The second time Jacobs swerved left the car plowed through the guard rail at the side of the road. A heavy plank was driven through the car breaking the legs of three of the passengers. All are in Charleston hospitals.

Take Injured to Hospital

The car in which they were riding was a light truck owned by John White Decatur. John White Jr. was following the truck with a stolen car which had been recovered in Mattoon. He took the injured to Charleston where they received medical attention.

Decatur Evening Herald, Decatur, IL 1 Jan 1929