Macburg, IL Tornado, Jan 1890


Olney, Ill., Jan. 14. -- A terrible tornado struck the village of Macburg, Ill., four miles north of this city, between 7 and 8 o'clock Sunday night, leaving death and destruction in its path. MRS. PHILIP NICHOLSON was killed instantly by falling timbers. MISS ANNIE NICHOLSON was seriously hurt. AARON McWILLIAM and family of seven were all caught by their falling building, but all escaped, more of less hurt. Other families are reported hurt.
The buildings reported wrecked, are PHILIP NICHOLSON'S residence, barn and outbuilding; M. E. CHURCH; AARON McWILLIAMS' residence, barn and outbuildings; CHRISTAIN SPICKLER'S barn and outbuildings, together with a number of horses and cattle killed; WILLIAM McWILLILAMS, SR., a large sheep raiser, sheep pen and a number of sheep killed, and hay and straw stacks.
The damage to property cannot be estimated at this writing. The storm came from the southwest, and was half a mile wide. The thermometer dropped during the night between 35 and 50 degrees.

Newark Daily Advocate Ohio 1890-01-14