Alton, IL Steamer GENEVA Wreck, Dec 1852


The Steamer Geneva, bound for the Illinois River, on last Saturday morning, landed at a woodyard, a few miles below Alton, for the purpose of taking in wood. Soon after landing she blew up, wrecking the forward part of the boat. The whole boat in a few minutes was on fire, and burned down to the waters edge.
Capt. JAMES PERRY, of Pittsburg; Capt. CHARLES DEANE, of the firm of Carson & Deane, St. Louis; Capt. WILLIS C. JOHNSON, Clerk; HENRY MOREHEAD, barkeeper, are among the killed.
Capt. PERRY was on the hurricane deck, and was blown to a considerable distance. The Steamer Hibernia came up to the wreck about an hour after the explosion, and rendered every assistance possible to the surving crew, and the wounded were taken by her up to Alton, where surgical aid was procured, and every other care bestowed to relieve and comfort the distressed of the Geneva.
The Steamer Amazonia, down, took the living and wounded of the Geneva on board, and conveyed them to St. Louis. The cause of the explosion was the absence of water in the boilers. The body of Capt. DEANE was found on the Cabin wreck, burned almost to a cinder, but was identified by his watch, pocket book and papers.
He was also taken to St. Louis, and was buried on the 6th inst. Thus another disaster of steam is added to the already long catalogue which has occurred on the Mississippi River this season. In this instance the number of sufferers is not so large as has been our painful task to record, still those which are lost are among our most worthy and valuable citizens. Capt. DEANE was well and favorably known to the whole west as an estimable and gentlemanly officer. Such are the casualties, which attend on poor human existence, to hasten its exit out of time and usher it into eternity.
{Burlington Hawkeye}

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