Jerseyville, IL Sawmill Boiler Explosion, Feb 1857

Frightful Accident

From the Jerseyville Prairie State.
On Friday last, Feb. 13, at about two o'clock P. M., the boiler in the saw mill of MILTON & WOLSEY, on Phil Creek, in this co., exploded with tremendous force, tearing away everything in its course, and scalding several persons very severely, one of whom, (MR. ARNOLD FULLER, the engineer) died the same night from his injuries. Two others, MR. J. B. WOLSEY and CHARLES MILTON, proprietors of the mill, though badly scalded, are now in a fair way of recovery.

Such was the force of the explosion that pieces of the boiler cut off trees from 8 to 12 inches thick at a distance of from 100 to 150 yards from the engine house, and one piece of the boiler was found on the bluff a quarter of a mile from the scene of the accident. The engine house was blown into a complete wreck; and a piece of timber at which MR. WOLSEY was at work, was struck by a piece of iron weighing 300 pounds and shivered to splinters, without touching or injuring MR. WOLSEY.

The Quincy Daily Whig Illinois 1857-02-28