Chicago, IL Eastland Disaster, Jul 1915 - Paper Published for Trip


Western Electric Picnic Party Described in Jokes Printed in “July Jubilator.”

Chicago, Ill., July 24—The “July Jubilator,” The official newspaper of employes [sic] of the Western Electric Company, advertising the picnic, was filled with jokes and cartoons of what might have taken place on the excursion. Copies of the paper were found on many of the victims. Introducing the front-page cartoon was the caption: “What, ho! “Readers of the Jubilator, be jubilant! Last time it was a submarine. Long ago Jonah took a trip in a submarine. There is no Jonah about this. But it will be a whale of a success.” The fifth annual picnic of the employes [sic] was to have been the largest ever held. A great parade in Michigan City, with movie men recording every event, athletic contests and every amusement that goes with a summer resort, had been planned. Prizes had been offered for the novel costumes in the parade, and this accounted for the gorgeous attire found on many of the bodies taken from the river.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 25 Jul 1915